Montpelier Invasive Species Control and Education Project

Park lands in North Branch River Park were acquired with significant invasive species that needed control. It was proposed to create an interpretive trail on invasive species management, including signage with explanations of the invasive species and how they are being controlled.

Project Contact: Geoff Beyer
Project Contact Email:
Year Completed: 2013
Project Lifespan: 2013
Regional Planning Commision: Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission
Citizen Science, Forest Land, Inventory, Land Management, Outreach, partnerships, water, wetland, wildlife
Other Keywords: Invasive Species
Project Accomplishments:

As of 2014, we've posted 11 interpretive signs along the trail and planted 200 trees - 60 of which survived.

Project Partners:

Main Street Middle School (Eli Rosenberg, teacher), Vermont Housing and Conservation Board, The Trust for Public Land

Critical to Success:

The partnership with the middle school has been critical.
Planting trees higher than the knotweed can grow has also been an important lesson.
Protecting for beavers has also been important.
Managing the edge of the knotweed patches to prevent spreading.


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